Tuesday, October 6, 2009

JDeveloper11g Startup error

I installed JDeveloper11g Studio Edition with no JDK bundle but when i tried to start JDeveloper, it gave me error

Unable to start Java Virtual Machine located at ....

In order to fix this type of error, go to installation_directoy\Middleware\JDeveloper\jdev\bin folder
and edit file jdev.conf.
Locate line "AddVMOption -XX:MaxPermSize=256M".
Now add another line just below this line:

AddVMOption -Xmx256M


A.S.El-Dalatony said...

hello Amer,
Thank you for your post, it helped me to solve this problem.

Best Regards,

Sunny said...

HI I have installed oracle Jdeveloper, also the JVM problem got solve due to above solution but still my jdeveloper is not Starting only start screen i.e.logo containing the line "productivity with choice" is appearing but its not actually get start please help me on this...

amer sohail said...


Are you getting any error in console?